About You, Human Being

The world breaks…

Please stop to digitize stupidity and look outside the door. That’s the real life. Stand up and get out of your prison cell that you call jealously your room. Don’t be a zombie, behave as a human because you are still alive. Be courageous and break the shackles that imprison your mind and your human senses, free your spirit and let it return to its real nature. At that moment you will purify your soul and you will be presented to the world for what you really are.

Do not be fooled by the religious fanaticism, the true temple of God is your body and you are the true God. Do not be fooled by ideological fanaticism, your conscience is more important than “received consciousness” proposed by the dominant class of society.

62830fcc1ba87be23c327d35f3c7482bClose you eyes,  feel what “your temple”(= your body) really want for yourself, and let it be you, the only one to decide.

It’s not an easy task for the human to repurchase ability to recognize freedom when operating on minimum alert but it’s not a crazy enterprise. However, choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances is a demonstration of courage and intelligence.

…be free… the greatest responsibility of a human being…

by Riöphan


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