human vs humanity

10620108_10152405426013842_695405906441962426_o-587x366Historical context and global current tendencies, are seeing the human beings face-to-face with own existential paradigm. Planned by its forefathers, the ideologies today, look like a box of chocolates, are full of surprises, when you embrace one of them, you never know which blow will damage you.

Human existence is sacred and must be respected in full, but the modernity and the administration is deceiving us about.

My heart’s broken, and my hopes are lost in front of this fake system.

Our existence is checked for the purpose to allow us and our children to live a better life. A particular group of people control the State apparatus in function to defend the integrity of the Country and protect the individual, they are the Government. This specific social group normally comprises people from the same background, with the same customs or the same social status, they care about our ideals and they give us the hope for a best life, so in this respect, we give him our vote. We put our life in their hands and we let them the liberty to take the decisions on our financial resources, on our health and our safety, just because we have trust in the System. We have let them to tend this paradise named Earth.

Tacking all these things together, then, why do exist numerous unfortunate events, most of them happened recently, where the system has failed?

The System failed to protect the individual, more of this, he is increasing the number of individuals that think of him as a threat. The System failed to defend the integrity of the state, more of this, numerous are the states where the government accepts, under the shameful chords, the involvement of other states in his own decisions economically, socially and militarily. The System failed over respecting the balance between every constituents of planet Earth, more of this, he has allowed the destruction of many ecosystems and the extinction of many kinds of plants and animals.

We’ve trusted the System, and look what they did.

We’ve given a state taxes, all of our cash, and the state has turned his back on us when we’ve been out of work and when they foreclosed on the house. We’ve sent our innocent children in the schools, and their brains are been filled of lies and of algorithms of control. For years and years, to the shelter of the subterfuges legislative, the system has favored the stock exchange, and the value of capitalized has become more important then the values and principles written in the own constitution, and worst of all, it has become more important then Earth’s ecosystem.

Is it just me, or have these tables turned?

There is no longer a Planet with Humans, there is Humans with a Planet…there is no longer a Country with a Government, there is a Government with a Country…There is no longer a human being who born free, there is a different freedom for each individual human…

There are many factors that can and do contribute to influence the balance between each of the constituents of our planet, and the civil society has a key role to play in this.  But, there is no more a civil society, there is a crowd of human beings disoriented and frightened, monitored through the hunger, monitored through the fear. The human being have forgotten their values and have lost the ability to communicate and interfere with other elements of the Earth. They have been turned into beings blind and indifferent to what is around them, and they manifest the indifference also into their life, into their health, into their future. All this happens because the system has transformed the humans into obedient people, and into perfect performers of a part which is not theirs. But, as of the good actors, the humans can refuse to participate in this farce, and say STOP to the collapse of the mankind.

The human need to see himself as exactly he is, and he need to see the true humanity which is inside him and liberate it, cuz the Earth’s paradise needs the humanity which exist inside every human individual.

To the system and for his enrichment, each individual is important as a slave for his master.

To the Earth, each human’s humanity is as important as is important the air and the water.

Remember, you are beings, you are important, you must get out of your mind this feelings of guilt that the system inflicts you for every incompetence, and is necessary to replace him with your humanity. Don’t leave the human to kill the humanity inside you.

Remember, you were born free! Be free to manifest your humanity!

by Riöphan


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