From a true story

swing1A big walnut tree dominated the courtyard of the house of Dina.

From its sturdy branches Dina’s father had attached a swing. Every day Dina was playing with her doll and in the shade of walnut tree she felt like a princess in her castle. She clambered on the branches not too high and sometimes she slept there in the chirping of the swallows and the warm summer breeze.

Dina was living in her magical world from some time, specifically since her newborn sister had gone. She had waited so long and she had been in the seventh heaven when she saw her sister for the first time. Her sister had come home from the maternity hospital in one shining day at March. She was a beautiful baby, deep blue eyes and blond hair that framed that little face. For Dina, her sister was an angel. Since she came from the maternity hospital, Dina was always around her.

“Get out, do not be so close to her.” –

“But she needs me, she’s crying every time. Look mommy, look her hands, she wants me.” – explains Dina.
But one day the mother and the little sister go to the hospital. Dina could not understand, didn’t understand that the little sister was suffering, everything looked fine. For a few days, they stayed there and finally when they returned at home, Dina could take her sister in her arms. It was a beautiful day.

The next week, the mother returned in the hospital with the baby but this time they stayed there for a longer time.

In the next days, Dina’s father went to visit the wife and the daughter in the hospital, taking Dina with him. From behind a window, Dina watched with sad eyes the little sister, in the hospital crib, searching something with her little arms.

“Mom, please, let me go to her. She needs me. Please, mommy let me in.” She was in despair, she was crying and she was praying, but mom and dad ignored her. So, for a few days Dina refused to enter the hospital and remained outside in the car, in front of the white building, until the father lifted her up in a day and took her inside of the hospital. In a cozy room mom was waiting for him.

“Look who’s here! Come on, say hello.”
The little hand of the newborn immediately tried to take Dina’s hand. The two sisters looked deep into their eyes and they smiled happily…

In a middle of the night Dina heard the phone. “Nobody calls at this hour.” – she thought. From her bedroom moves stealthily towards the hall. “Yes, I understand, I’ll be there in one hour.” – she saw her father put the phone down and dropping into the nearest armchair. “Dad, who was it?” The father looked away: “She’s gone… I have go to the hospital… Go to bed, your aunt will come in a hour and Grandma will come here tomorrow… Go to bed, Dina… go… I’m so sorry…”. Seeing her father so destroyed was new, but in that moment, obedient, Dina returned to her room. Her world crumbled to pieces. She could not understand what had happened. One thing was clear: her little sister was not coming back again to smile to her. The next morning brought the first rays of sun through the window. On Dina’s face the tears flowed again. Hidden under the bed, she was holding on her chest with her little hands, the clothes of her sister.

Once upon the time, slight in the wind, a swing on the walnut which carried up and down a little girl by name Dina and her doll…

…every little creature has a personal story…

by Riöphan


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