The enchanted wood’s people

Mystic-forest-1152x2048From the oldest tales, by the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh which recounts how the heroes Gilgamesh and Enkidu traveled to the Cedar Forest to fight the monsters there and be the first to cut down its trees, unto the modern Harry Potter which continues the tradition of the forest as a magical nature with the Forbidden Forest near Hogwarts, always the forest was a place of magic and danger, often filled with magical animals, plants, even magical rocks and creeks, the trees talk, the branches push people off their horses, thorny bushes open to let people to enter inside, the plants move, or turn into animals at night.

Many forests are not itself enchanted but they contains enchantments and acts as a place of transformation. Normally, the people shun to cross there because what happens within these places is outside normal human experience. The folkloric woods is a place where even the gods had difficulty to traverse it, because the myth of the enchanted woods has nothing to do with the religious.foresta-dalla-porta1.jpg

So, such many tales in thousands years of folklore talks us about enchanted woods and their strange beings. But, at the same time, same tales talk to us about humans which are accepted inside these forests as a part of it. These humans had affinities with the enchanted woods and they are always in contact with the nature and its elements. For this people, nothing is superior as nothing is inferior, but everything that exist has from the beginning a clear purpose to the good of all world. At the ancient times, the wisdom and knowledge of the enchanted woods is transmitted from one generation to another in a formal code that only those worthy were able to understand it. When the superior knowledge becomes part of their minds and bodies, the forces of nature recognize and accept them as participants of the great “One”.

All forests are magnificent, but few of them are magic. Sometimes, in a great forest there’ s only a small magic corner. There, the trees dance and the wind sings, whispers the stream and the animals speak. There is the hallowed ground of nature, there, the old gods have raised their altar for a only offer that they accept: The humility.

No one will tell you, or nobody will want to tell you where these places are located. The only purpose of these people is to protect the original form of nature. Protect the enchanted woods means protecting the life and the existence to all of us.

BarbarossaFrom the mountain of Kyffhaeuser, Barbarossa smiles and his eyes of warrior watch the magical mountains of Thuringia, where Erfurt musicians will play the glories of the heroes of Nibelungen story.

My ancient relatives came here to continue spreading the eternity and the pure thoughts in a world without time and space. We are the people of the fairy-tale woods, the essence of the ancient spirit is defined in the purest form inside us and will be transmitted to generations until the revival of the old gods. By generations, we walked proud of our origin and we have always sided the humility of the wisdom of the enchanted woods because she remains for us the unity of life and culture. Around the world there are many people like us, people who lives in accordance with the ancient tradition of Wotan waiting that the heroes wake up from the secular slumber and fight together the evil.

In the wind Völuspa‘s words sound as a warning:

“And ye spirits of the mountains, you know if something else will survive?”

Being the observer of the human race and the environment in which it live, knowing the people by the way it moves, smiles or gestures, it gives me the opportunity to understand their evolutionary status. Today, the people walking up and down overwhelmed by the global modernism have a cold heart. None reminds the heroes who fought courageously with the gods.

“It is far from the eye that makes see the man, but on the contrary, the man who makes the eye to see. The knowledge of the real operates through a pure inner contemplation, through lived experience.” – Paracelsus.

 by Riöphan


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