“All Are Equal” or the big fake

7863Unfortunately, there is a distance between the “letter” and “spirit” of human rights, which can often be attributed to a respect merely formal. The social doctrine, in consideration of the privilege accorded by the Gospel to the poor, confirmed on several occasions that “the more fortunate should renounce some of their rights to put up with more liberality their property to the service of others” and that’ s an overemphasis of equality “may give rise to an individualism in which each one claims his own rights without responsibility for the common good.”

Italian original text

“Esiste purtroppo una distanza tra «lettera» e «spirito» dei diritti dell’uomo, ai quali è tributato spesso un rispetto puramente formale. La dottrina sociale, in considerazione del privilegio accordato dal Vangelo ai poveri, ribadisce a più riprese che « i più favoriti devono rinunziare a certi loro diritti per mettere con più liberalità i propri beni a servizio degli altri » e che un’affermazione eccessiva di uguaglianza « può dar luogo a un individualismo dove ciascuno rivendica i propri diritti, sottraendosi alla responsabilità del bene comune ».”- 158, Compendio della dottrina sociale della chiesa

This is a little paragraph who was extracted from the “Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church” which was edited by the Vatican Publishing House in 2004.

I recommend to read with attentions and eventually look outside of your window house to observe the real world.

It’s a world of contradictions, don’t you think?

Every piece of every society around the world it’s a contradiction and this happens because the religion is a contradiction.

In this paragraph the famous concept “All Are Equal” becomes a big fake: “may give rise to an individualism in which each one claims his own rights”, so this is an overemphasis of equality. 


So, the Church and the society say that God created all humans equal, but in the same time both claim that this is wrong!

Wow, I’m confuse!

As I say, look outside of your window’ s house. Really, all humans seems  equal? In front of the rules of the society’ s doctrine no one is equal to the other, trust me.

The legislation of every state it was founded on the old legislation and this one, to his time, was founded on the religion’s rules. The great mistake of humanity was made 2 thousand years ago when the holy and the profane was mixed. The rules of God must remain for the relation between humans and God and not become the rules between humans, don’t you think?

Involve God and Jesus Christ into human’ s history was a revolutionary decision. So, cities as Sodom and Gomorrah ( mentioned in the Book of Genesis and throughout the Hebrew Bible , the New Testament and in deuterocanonical sources , as well as the Qur’an) were destroyed by the will of God; even the city as Samara was destroyed by the wrath of God. According to the Torah , God promised the land to the three Patriarchs of the Jewish people, and here we have the state of Israel. The crucifixion of the Jesus Christ happened in the profane time, documented by the history, so, he really existed but, at the same time it’s difficult to believe in his resurrection because this happened in a mythic time.

However, if once, the religion through its representatives could force a change in the doctrine of the society using the famous “God’s will”, today this position can no longer be assumed. The God and the holy are part of the society, they are here with us.  We can say to God that’s wrong what he wants? We can’t contradict God. It’s contrary at the religion and it’s contrary at the doctrine of the society. We are in a trap.

This document (Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church), as writing at the paragraph 8), intends to present in the complete and systematic manner, even if in a condensed form, the social teaching.

Italian original text

” Questo documento intende presentare in maniera complessiva e sistematica, anche se in forma sintetica, l’insegnamento sociale,[…]”

Well, well, well, we are again in a trap, because the Church not only tells us, but through this text it want to teach us that “unfortunately” a distance between what is written and what is real, that means that the Human Rights, really existed. According to the Church we must learn to live with this reality. As to say: That’s it!

This is the true, if you like or not, the society has the rules, rules that are governing our lives. Religious or atheists, we live in a society and our lives are dependent of the social doctrine, and the doctrine say that the rules are not what they seem.

by Riöphan


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2 responses to ““All Are Equal” or the big fake

  • M. Talmage Moorehead

    “The great mistake of humanity was made 2 thousand years ago when the holy and the profane was mixed. The rules of God must remain for the relation between humans and God and not become the rules between humans, don’t you think?”

    That’s an interesting perspective that I’ll need to think about a lot more. Thank you for sharing this.

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