True story: Agafia

imagesIn the deep Siberian taiga, 70 years ago was born a person. His name is Agafia and his family fled by the civilization nearly a century ago, when the leader of Russia’s Orthodox church, Patriarch Nikon, introduced radical reforms in Russia. Many people couldn’t accept the changes and became known as ‘Old Believers’, they fled to some of the most remote corners of the country.

Using primitive instruments in their everyday lives and dressed in homespun clothes, they survived in harmony with nature, completely self-sufficient and still highly religious.

Agafia is now the only remaining survive of the now famous family of hermits. The only person living nearby, some 200 miles distance between they, is a former drilling geologist, Yerofey Sedov,

For the local authorities to reach Agafia’s home is quite a challenge. To his seniority, Agafia is in big trouble and desperately needs someone to be close. This is his prayer to the whole world.

agafia1“Our Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on us. Amen. This is the letter of Agafia Lykova to brothers and sisters. I wish that God grants you all good health but, first and foremost, salvation of your souls and all kinds of well-being. Another thing I must tell you, my fathers and brothers and sisters in God, is that I live alone, I’m an orphan, my health is waning. My age is advanced. I need a person to help me. Please, don’t leave me, for Christ’s sake, I’m a humble orphan in need. There are still kind Christian people and old believers out there. June 21st, 7522 since Adam,”

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