I’m just a visitor

valletta monticello

The world is so beautiful…

In the middle of the valley I closed my eyes and I waited…


I haven’t given up and I kept on waiting, refusing to open my eyes…

I remembered that in the first time when I saw  this valley I felt one presence and in that moment I decided to contact it. I knew that wasn’t easy. Days after days I walked on its paths, I observed the tree and the bushes, the birds and the animals, I sat on the brook’s bank and I observed the creatures of its water. fagiano 1It was there, in my proximity, I almost could feel its breath I felt its fear and its skepticism in my confront.Aquila (3) I continued to walk on the paths, putting in save little or big creatures, taking care of sick or broken trees. I started to tell them my thoughts and my feelings.

inverno valeta monticello

Later, after almost one year it manifested its presence. Without words, without a face it was there in every moment when I needed or when I was in danger. The tragedy was so nearby on me and its saved me more then once. The spirit of this valley exists, I know that.

trili 7-001Sometimes, the destiny brings us unexpected changes and now, after many years I’m back in this valley. It’s so beautiful, many things changed but it’s always beautiful! I’m looking around… There’s no word to describe how wonderful this place is!

I’m immersed in the deeply forest… Wait, something is wrong! Why am I scared? I continued to walk… can’t understand. Why do I feel like an intruder? My heart is broken…

In the middle of the valley, at the forest edge, I sat on a tree trunk. I was so sad…

I closed my eyes and I tried to listen the wind, I tried to listen the birdsong and the rustle of the trees. Can’t hear their… I’d shake my head, and I’d ask myself: «Why? Why?»

Refusing to open my eyes I kept on waiting a sing.

From afar, I perceived a call of a bird and then a response from another bird. Near to me I heard the singing of a cricket. A slight wind caresses my face and my heart had a wince of joy. I heard the scream of every piece of me and a great emotion invaded me. My body became tight, like a prison. «Let me go! Let me free!» I saw my soul willing to escape across my skin and go away.

Like a diver claim the oxygen, my body claimed your soul. I ignored my mind and won’t open my eyes. In one instant an explosion of sounds invaded my ears and an explosion of fragrances invaded my nose and with them my soul returned to me. In that moment I felt it, it’s here, near me. My eyes are filled with tears and I cried. I never cried like this. I understood that it’s not me who cried but it’s my soul. It found the spirit of the valley and brought him to me. I can’t hug him, I can’t feel him, but my soul can and it’s happy for this.

I opened my eyes and I understood: I’m just a visitor here.

2014aIn this world I’m just a visitor, only my soul belongs to him. She is a small piece to him, I’m not.

 by Riöphan



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