In the name of God, in the name of Love

In the Middle Age, the victorious religion was able to meet together under the same authority nations separated about race prejudice or pride. The first Global State was born , the Christian State. So, the aspiration to Hildebrand alias Pope Gregory VII to complete pope’s authority either on the secular power that on the spiritual power it was materialized, and everything of that was realized in a turbulent period on the history when the Holy Roman Empire transforms in Holy Christian Empire.

The nations joined in a single state, disclaim their Gods and their beliefs in favor of a new God and its vast cortege of humans related to Him. The new state is founded on LOVE, which is primordial for its existence. But at the same time this state possessed the most efficient army in the world, not to protect himself but to invade and conquer other nations, creating chaos and massacre in the name of LOVE.

In most of thousand years this state founded on Love didn’t give us any proof of his love. Never!

Aggiornato di recenteMore of that, today, more and more children are abused by its functionaries, the priests.

Why all this happens? Maybe, because God never loved His people and so, this people can’t love anyone, can’t love their self, can’t love the others, can’t love even their own God.

In the name of God, in the name of love…

I don’t think so… I really don’t think that this concept can be formulated to a child abused by a priest. I really don’t think. And I’m really sorry because today the life of too many children, too many  are destroyed by these beasts.
I love my family, I love my child, but I’m sorry… I don’t love God.



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