the ignorance of humans cost us a piece of history

Well, I need to speak about the disappearance of an oil on canvas painting by Guercino that was stolen from the church of San Vinceno in Modena. This painting was estimated at least 5 or 6 million euro by the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi.

But this painting is a priceless work of art.



The Madonna with St John the Evangelist, a monumental work, is a painting completed in 1639.

His author, Guercino is an artist of the first ‘600 when every man of culture of the time, attempting to build in his mind the scheme of work, it had to have clear the passage of the “De vulgari eloquentia” in which Dante Alighieri declares the semantic rules of writing, also extended to the domain of the visual arts.

Also, more of that, Guercino is an artist who stay on the same level with Poussin and Caravagio.

Let a work of art so precious without a security system or surveillance, is a pure ignorance.

Ignorance is that Newspapers almost have not talked about this theft.

Ignorance is the fact that steal a Guercino is like stealing a piece of the history of humanity.

We are again face to face with a low instruction scholastic, because no one  in the schools never discusses the importance of arts to our history. So, happens that again the poor people, but even the authorities and the functionaries, ignore the importance to a work of art who is a piece by the history of all.

by Riöphan


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