what Humans really want?

Humans…the primate specie belonging to the genus Homo.

A  able specie to manipulate on the best two opposite poles: the good and the evil. The more creative and at the same time the most destructive specie on Earth. Nothing prevents it from getting what it wants to its own prosperity or to its own vanity.

Tucker_Higgs_1From thousand and thousand years, completely submissive to an unreasonable fear towards supernatural beings, often interpreted as ” servile fear”, today the Human is able to realize  something that always wanted: by like his Creator. See the Higgs Boson called the “God particle” whose discovery was announced at CERN on 4 July 2012.

 After a long journey of bullying on non-humans species Earth, taking them in total submission, the Human as a bad Conqueror crosses the bounds of Earth directed to the wide Universe of space.

images15If you like, you can believe in a struggle for survival of species, but each one certainly knows that none of this is true.

The truth is that the Human specie want nothing more than to satisfy his desire of power.

 by Riöphan


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