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2014f The recent literature puts us face to face at the explosion of novels, frequently with the story which revolves around mysterious nature as world of Fairies, Elves, Trolls and their fellows. The customers by this literature immediately fell in love with the magical world that unfortunately the authors depict without responsibility, creating a great confusion.

Include en mass the magical world of these creatures, review the information on them, information that have been transmitted through the ancient folklore, brings a trend today inward the modern literature.

I respect the complex research that J.R.R. Tolkien has done on the field world of these beings, presenting them with great care in his works. After the horror periods of WWI and WWII, people had needed something that could remember them the old world of beings who was near them from the beginning of time, beings who helped them to fight the forces of evil and who helped them to survive. Under this view, the emotional impact of the Tolkien’s novels has been impressive. A few writers have done such accurate works from then on.  Abandoned by the religions, conscious by his wickedness, the people, the ordinary man and the strong man finally understands the reason of the old folk beliefs. 

However, must know, that “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien and “The Ring of the Nibelung” by Richard Wagner have been both inspired by Saga of Volsungar, legendary saga of the 13th century Icelandic and also by Codex Regius, a manuscript Icelandic poems of Edda. Definitely, the most varied and the most beautiful ballads, epic poetries, fairy tales, legends, folk songs were transcribed during that period. Through sinuous chain and deeply hidden, for centuries, the myth has survived to the victorious religion who in medieval period has tried to destroy the myth of magical beings, banning them from the popular memory, but the eye of people still can recognize the magical beings without delay, because they belong to collective memory.

Societies with different beliefs, sometime in conflict by the centuries, community with unequal wealth, prestige, or power, had in common the importance and the attention with which depict matters pertaining to war, exceptional events, question of heroism and virtue, missions to knights, matters pertaining to social, political and personal realities to a place and period. The voice of the people has always been a historical evidence who can shed light on the history, customs, culture, beliefs, and it’s precisely this voice that puts us in front of a mythical world inhabited by elves, gnomes, trolls, fairies, goblins and more. Between these mythical beings and the humans, the folklore refers a deeply cooperation, a cooperation that exist in the collective memory from far-off times. One time, the two worlds were in closer proximity and everyday they have lived alongside.

trili 3-001The fairies, elves, goblins are meant to protect the humans, the supernaturals and the monstrous for a single purpose: to save all, because no one of them can exist without other. For those who believe in the real existence of the mythical world and his beings, today the question arises to see a world where these magic creatures are rethought and represented in an unfortunate association with humans technology and industrialization and not in association with the nature’s elements.

In the collective memory this beings are associated with events that have changed the destiny of entire nations, associated with heroes and employed of the knights, and in every moment of great difficulties by whole world they have never abandoned us.

The real names, the real worship and the mysteries of the universe arise from the mists of time to breaking the tangle of lies created by those who felt threatened in their intent to take over our world, and now, when they aren’t being able to prevent the emergence of true history, they’ve considered it easier to transform the mythical world in the novels of low value.

So, if the mythology and folklore have honored the elves, gnomes, fairies, hobgoblins, trolls and their fellows of a thousand years, trying to have the best on the magic world of this beings, in this time contrarily, the High Fantasy try to impose banality and ridiculous on the characters which, in archaic period were associated with the arcane wisdom of alchemy.

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