… the support on most important deponent of the past…

The disappearance of a civilization is a reality, can’t be denied and can’t be discussed,
on the contrary the evolution of the events who have led on this fact and the circumstances which manifested at the moment can be subject to controversy.

A sculpture informs us, an archaeological site reveals us, a painting narrates us… That’s why many of them were isolated, forgotten, destroyed, expropriated by the historical significance in such a manner that the society today can’t see the information which the old fathers of humanity wanted to communicate us, the real historical events.

When the humans invented the writing it was a great evolution for the humanity, then when they decided to document their history using the writing, everything became “different”. The past events have lost the factual characteristic and are becoming the historical novels.

Ages before, the artists such as painters, sculptors, writers face to face with the censure’s intimidation, had to draw up signs, forms and metaphors to transmit the truth by the old events only to the persons who will be able to understand and who will be able to honoring the past. To perform that jumble of symbols, the artists have extended their sphere of activity and cooperated each other by the poets, the philosophers, the musicians, the alchemists, the painters to make an artwork which give an indication to the past events, hiding at the same time the real facts by the presumptive minds.

The young artists are free spirits, they are distinguished connoisseurs of human nature and the cosmos in particular. The thought, a mental exercise that helps humanity to evolve, is prohibited because of the talented artists which are stopped after the first idea. They are not free to express what they see around on the world.

Make art just to the concept of art is the superficiality. Unfortunately, today this characterizes the schools of arts. Oh, this isn’t worthy to the real art… the real art is born from the reality.

We’re watching arts of past ages and we’re glorifying their authors, but we forget that behind a Da Vinci, Caravaggio behind a Poussin or behind a Gauguin, Monet or Picasso there was a school which produced an abundance of information able to give birth to a revolution.

“Art is either plagiarism or revolution.”-Paul Gauguin

Paradoxically, today the arts risk the ultimate death.

In the old times, the conversations or reflections drawing up by the artists gave more importance on the society that a herd of politicians.

Today is not possible to see a new art movement because the specific common philosophy or goal is empty of significance. The actors belonged to the closed caste and even the musicians…The philosophers have become political pundits… The society has no longer a culture because the specific elements are lacking or are devoid of primordial communication. The culture of humanity take shape of this alliance between every one of this form of art.

“Three is the first number which can be use for term all .”-Aristotle

Bring together the elements of a society’s culture has become a work worthy of the Myth of Sisyphus who was condemned to repeat forever the same meaningless task of pushing a boulder up a mountain, only to see it roll down again… indeed even the society’s culture too linked at the fake reality inevitably will fall in to the abyss of its historical death. The question is, if exist a culture’s Sisyphus?

Let’s give to the culture a chance to do what can do better, communicate the true history to past or present of a nation, without suppress her with confused ideas. Leave culture to be free without censor the thoughts of persons…don’t kill her.

Careful, kill the nation’s culture means kill you the nation… do you really want to do this?

by Riöphan


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